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Порнозвезда cytherea фото

Named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty Порнозвезда cytherea фото, who was referred to as Cytherea by residents of the Greek cult site Kythira, Cytherea started as an online nude model, entering the adult film industry after an agent stumbled on a Yahoo! During her time in the industry, Cytherea acquired near-legendary status for her ability to ejaculate voluminous amounts of fluid while having an orgasm.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

Then she got pregnant, which led to her quiet exit from the adult industry to get clean in Yet she managed to amass a rabid fan base during her first few years in the industry, due to her pixie-like appearance and near-athletic performances.

In porn, however, squirting is a fairly coveted skill, something many performers have even worked to cultivate. Since then, Порнозвезда cytherea фото has gotten clean, gotten married, had two children her boys are seven and six years oldand settled with her family outside of Las Vegas. Her latest venture is on the website AdultVerifiedVideoChat.

This порнозвезда cytherea фото the truth. I needed a break. I had two boys. Then I had my second one and I thought that was it, and I would never be returning порнозвезда cytherea фото to the industry. But it was like family to me and I attended a lot of AVNs порнозвезда cytherea фото stayed in touch with everyone.

Then around someone порнозвезда cytherea фото me on Facebook and I got an overwhelming response from some of my fans begging me to come back and it took a lot of persuasion. Honestly, my body is not the same as it was prior to kids. And it surprised me how quickly I raised money and next thing I know I got my surgery done [she had her tummy tucked and her breasts augmented].

I called it putting myself back together. You were struggling with addiction when you left the industry.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

Was it difficult coming back and booking порнозвезда cytherea фото No, not at all. You realize a lot of things and I just was out of it. But I think what was more difficult is coming back and seeing how my industry has changed so dramatically. The biggest thing for people like me who were in the industry порнозвезда cytherea фото seeing how many people are out of the порнозвезда cytherea фото because of bankruptcy and drugs and things like that.

When I was in, all the talent—we were a tight-knit family. The industry now is nothing like that. How do you feel about the condom mandate, then? Mainly we are in the adult industry for the fact that we are really not meant for a 9-to-5 job or a job unpacking boxes. Did you have a 9-to-5 job when you left the порнозвезда cytherea фото Did you try to do that? No, I was a stay-at-home mom while my husband worked, so that was different.

Plus coming from my lifestyle and my work, it was a very big change to being a fulltime mom. It was an experience of the civilian life. It was interesting to see the other end of it. So why did you go back? And where did the idea for the auction come from? More than anything, my fans are number one to me. I love them, I really do.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

I think a lot of that has to do with the way the industry has changed. Now video sales are not a big part of the industry which has caused lots of people to go bankrupt. I knew girls who would do it, but it was hush-hush, just like weed was for a while. Why was it порнозвезда cytherea фото stigmatized?

In the industry, you know your male talent. I know порнозвезда cytherea фото male talent. It keeps everything in a contained situation. Have you been with a fan before, off camera? Yeah, of course I have. The only thing you can do is literally become a psychologist, and try to not have them порнозвезда cytherea фото think about it and make them feel as comfortable as possible. Anybody that is industry, I am not. If you are professional, you need to stay professional so I can get my orgasm, get my paycheck, and we can all be happy.

Do you have an orgasm every time you shoot? It порнозвезда cytherea фото a lot out of my body. I need to prepare my body to squirt on film. I drink a lot of protein shakes.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

I drink a lot of electrolytes. Before the shoot, I drink порнозвезда cytherea фото lot of water and hydrate myself. Maybe you felt like you had to go to pee. But anyways, what were you going to ask me?

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

Oh, yeah, there is. Women are so psychological. The feeling of it right beforehand, it starts amping up, all those feelings, and next thing you know it explodes to the most amazing orgasm. Порнозвезда cytherea фото long time ago. I go in my own zone.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

But if a guy drinks a lot of water and eats well, his come is fluidy and much more healthy. All I know is this: Порнозвезда cytherea фото I have an orgasm, I get порнозвезда cytherea фото wet. I know I pee a whole different way, in how it feels and the consistency and everything. They can put their haterade away. Well, it is true that there are a lot of women in porn who fake it nowadays.

And now these girls have to learn how to squirt. I know a lot of women currently in the industry who are squirting and they are just straight-up pissing. I think on one hand, there was порнозвезда cytherea фото demand [for squirting] and people knew how to shoot me and when I got back people were dogging my orgasms. You can literally see the passion and intensity. Do you think porn has gone from being anti-squirting to pro-squirting and then back to anti-squirting again? I think it was pro-squirting and then when I got back it was anti-squirting, yeah.

I loved doing Elegant Angel, Squirtwoman. That was an amazing time.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

It seemed like it was more thorough. Now a director has to learn how to shoot my squirting and not dog me. I mean, I dunno.

Why do you think that people loved watching you squirt so much? I think a lot of it has to do with the wow factor of me squirting so much, and a lot of it has to do with my whole body orgasming. So I kinda find it exciting that I will find a way to hit them in the face one way or another.

And it was a порнозвезда cytherea фото scene. I get very порнозвезда cytherea фото about that. Get your dick out of me. How does it feel to be known for this one порнозвезда cytherea фото you can do?

Do you ever get tired of being referred to as the Squirt Queen? I wish I could deep-throat better too. I have a stupid gag reflex thing. My oldest is seven. Eventually, I will figure out a plan.

Порнозвезда cytherea фото

How do you plan on telling your kids about what you do? Well, my oldest is seven years old. Right now, I just tell him Mommy is a model. His school thinks I shoot for a catalogue. Having sex is not a bad thing. And when my son is old enough to handle things like that and handle that kind of information, Порнозвезда cytherea фото will tell him.

EJ Dickson is a writer and editor who primarily covers sex, dating, and relationships, with a special focus on the intersection of intimacy and technology.

Cytherea the Squirt Порнозвезда cytherea фото is making her return to porn. This article contains sexually explicit material that may be NSFW.

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